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Welcome to MusixBlvd




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About us

Music Protection Made Simple

At MusixBlvd, we’ve simplified the process to make it accessible and user-friendly for all. With our straightforward approach, you can protect your intellectual property effortlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters most—unleashing your creativity and sharing your talent with the world.

What is a Certificate of Creation?

A Certificate of Creation is a verified document issued by MusixBlvd that serves as proof of the date of creation and all contributors involved in the creation of a musical work. It provides transparent documentation of the origin of the content, offering legal validation of the creative process. 

How it Works

To obtain a Certificate of Creation from MusixBlvd, creators must submit their musical work through our online platform. Our team conducts a thorough review to verify the date of creation and all contributors involved. Once validated, the certificate is issued, providing irrefutable proof of origination and collaboration. This process ensures transparency and authenticity, empowering creators to protect their intellectual property rights with confidence.

Our Mission

At MusixBlvd, our mission is to be the vibrant community hub, offering indispensable tools and resources to empower entertainment industry professionals. We are dedicated to fostering collaboration, nurturing talent, and facilitating growth, ensuring that every creative individual has the support they need to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving world of entertainment."

Our Team

We are a team of both fresh talent and seasoned industry veterans, united with the common goal of bridging gaps and facilitating connections for all.

our services

Services we offer

Voice Recording

Track Mastering

Sound Mixing

Audio Editing

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Customer testimonial

Best sound studio
"As an independent artist, safeguarding my music has always been a top priority, but the legalities often felt overwhelming. MusixBlvd changed that for me. Their user-friendly platform made the process of protecting my work incredibly simple and hassle-free.
Meilana Karin

Start protecting your music now!

Unlock your potential with MusixBlvd! Join us today to secure your creative works effortlessly. Focus on your art while we handle the rest.

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